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Gateway to Daintree Visitors Guide

The Gateway to Daintree Management plan identified a website/mobile app for visitors to Daintree. Here it is!

This website responds to screen size!
And has a home screen button for phones and tablets.

101 things to do in Daintree

Link for: 101 things to do in Daintree

The intersection of the Mossman - Daintree and the Cape Tribulation turn off is where the first of the gateway interpretive nodes is going to be. Straight on is Daintree Village at 10kms. To the right is a 4km drive to the other gateway nodes and the Daintree River ferry.
Cape Tribulation.
On the northern side of the Daintree River the road continues on to Cape Tribulation (49kms) via Cow Bay & Thornton Beach. There are a variety of tourist attractions and holiday accommodation options on the way.
Mobile phone coverage and internet access is severely restricted on the north side of the Daintree River.